2N2222 Transistor, Courtesy of Open Circuits: The Inner Beauty of Electronic Components

The EMC Compo 2024 Workshop will bring together practicing engineers, researchers and other professionals for multidisciplinary and interactive discussions on the latest advances in areas related to the emission and the susceptibility of integrated circuits and modules. Besides traditional technical paper presentation, tutorials and short courses will be organized to provide up-to-date practical help, as well as to address in-depth topical subjects.

Professionals both from industry and from academia are encouraged to submit their proposal for tutorials contributing to any EMC-related aspects within the workshop topics listed here.

Tutorials and short courses are planned for the first day of the workshop (October 7th 2024).

For accepted proposals, the tutorial organizer will be responsible for soliciting presentations, corresponding with session speakers, corresponding with the Workshop Local Committee, and moderating the session at the workshop.

Please, send the tutorial and short course proposals to tpc.emccompo24@polito.it before June 6th 2024.