About Torino

Set in the shadow of the Alps in the northwestern region of Piedmont, Torino has a fascinating historic center and a long list of monuments, galleries, and world-class museums. 

Torino has many claims to fame. For centuries it was the seat of the royal Savoy family and from 1861 to 1865 it was Italy’s first capital. It is home to the Holy Shroud and the birthplace of many iconic Italian brands, including Fiat cars, Lavazza coffee and Juventus football club.

Nowadays, it is best known for its princely baroque architecture, stately art-nouveau cafes, sumptuous aperitifs, and decadent food and wine.

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10 good reasons to visit Torino

  1. Over 40 museums for a remarkable visit, including the National Automotive Museum.
  2. Torino is a key business and cultural center, in which several automotive, aerospace and mechatronics industries are located.
  3. The Royal Residences declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO
  4. Two thousand years of architecture and contemporary design
  5. Important churches, places of worship and the Mystery of the Holy Shroud
  6. Contemporary Art in all its forms
  7. The excellence of “Made in Torino
  8. Shopping by day, through 18 km of porticoes, and emotions by night
  9. The capital of taste, chocolate and aperitifs
  10. A city featuring green spaces, water and sports
  11. The city which houses Leonardo da Vinci’s self-portrait

Some unmissable places in Piedmont

Piedmont is not only known for its delicious food and wines, but also for its picturesque landscapes, ranging from the mountain peaks of Monte Rosa and Monviso to the rolling hills of Monferrato and Langhe. From a hiking in the Alps, to a relaxing day on the shores of Lake Orta, or a walk in the vineyards of Langhe and Monferrato, Piedmont is the perfect destination for all tastes.